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In partnership with others, Coille Alba is leading a project "Aspen 2020" to restore Aspen to its rightful place in the Scottish landscape. Much of our effort is currently devoted to improving the production of aspen planting material in tree nurseries. We are also building up a picture of Aspen distribution in Scotland. The Scottish Aspen website offers an online facility to view and record the location of Aspen stands throughout Scotland. If you want to help, please add your records to the map here:


The demand for local-origin Aspen for planting far outstrips the supply. This is largely because in Scotland Aspen rarely flowers and sets seed.

A number of nurseries grow Aspen plants from root suckers, but this method is laborious, and plants are consequently expensive. Efforts are being made to increase production by a variety of methods, including experimental seed orchards.

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Until recently, Aspen has been often largely neglected by woodland managers.

The distribution and condition of Aspen stands are poorly known.

Very few Aspen woodlands are properly managed, and the supply of local origin planting stock is severely limited by difficulties with Aspen propagation.

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